Rio Grande do Sul
The fate of cattle ranching in Southern Brazil may be tied to the type of labor relations between gaucho cowboys and local landowners
Awajun Aguaruna
In the last few decades, intercultural relations among the Awajun have been creating a series of ruptures in their social fabric and defining a new social configuration
judo throws
Judo is a powerful sport and martial art. Learn the basics of judo throws, armbars, pins, and chokes, including principles, techniques, and strategy
Wachiperi Huachipaeri Peru
What makes indigenous peoples conserve or degrade biodiversity? Learn about the drivers of indigenous environmental behavior in tropical rain forests
conservation and development
Explore an innovative analytical analytical framework to understand the environmental behavior of indigenous peoples and its effects on tropical biodiversity
environmental and social safeguards
Social safeguards are intended to prevent or mitigate the potentially adverse impacts of development projects, manage their social risks, and promote social inclusion
indigenous settlements
Assessing the impact of regional socioeconomic processes on the settlement patterns and the levels of ecosystem pressure exerted by indigenous groups in the Peruvian Rainforest
Richard Wyckoff book
Understanding market cycles can help investors anticipate price trends in the stock market, and this book provides key insights to get investors started on that path