This website provides relevant knowledge to facilitate investment success, with a focus on the stock market but not limited to this field. Other related topics covered here are environmental, social, and governance issues, energy trends, and international development, among others.

Visitors can find articles, book references, tools, tips, and other resources intended to help people improve their chances of optimizing their returns while also managing risks. These are suitable for beginning investors and people without prior investment experience.

Many of the principles aimed at achieving success in the stock market can also be applied to other types of investments, professional endeavors, and areas of personal life.

The term “amakella” means “don’t be lazy,” and it was one of the top tenets of Inca culture. It inspired us to be dedicated and proactive but in smart ways, starting with a strategic vision, focusing on priority areas, and charting the steps needed to reach the intended outcomes. This process can help people plan their moves ahead and position them for success. 

This approach is consistent with the Japanese term “seiryoku-zenyo,” a key principle in judo, which stands for “maximum efficiency with minimal effort.” By targeting their efforts on key priority areas, investors can maximize their resources and the impact of their endeavors.

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