We are an independent book publishing company based in Arlington, Virginia. Our goal is to make knowledge accessible for a general audience via concise book editions and articles of interest.

We strive to provide content with practical guidance for readers to make informed decisions and to guide their actions related to those decisions.

We publish most of our books in hardcover, paperback and electronic formats, taking advantage of electronic technologies that allow us to make our print materials and digital content available worldwide. 

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Note: We have suspended the publication of titles by new authors until further notice.

Editorial Line

We publish works of nonfiction. Our publishing decisions are not guided by commercial considerations alone. Titles with limited audiences but with important messages to share are also included in our catalog.

Current topics prioritized  in our publications include social science, environmental sustainability, biodiversity conservation, renewable energy, financial investing, sports (judo), cultural change, and international development.

Great care has gone into curating books that will make a difference by giving factual information in an accessible way. Browse our book catalog and articles to get a better idea of our publishing activities.

Featured Authors

author Glend Seitz
Glend Seitz is a Peruvian anthropologist. He started studying the way of life of the Awajun two decades ago, when he became fascinated by both their ancestral traditions and their rapid cultural change

author Rodolfo Tello
Rodolfo Tello is a cultural anthropologist, author, and social development specialist whose work seeks to improve the lives of vulnerable populations in developing countries

author Luciano Bornholdt
Luciano Bornholdt is an anthropologist from Brazil with a PhD from the University of Manchester. He works as a social specialist for a multilateral development organization


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