Rodolfo Tello

Rodolfo Tello is the author of several books on social sciences, environmental sustainability, social safeguards, and judo

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Rodolfo Tello is an author whose work seeks to ultimately improve the lives of people, in different ways, with a focus on vulnerable populations in developing countries.

He holds degrees in anthropology, including a PhD from American University and a master’s from the University of Maryland, College Park. He also earned an MBA from the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth, and is certified as a Project Management Professional (PMP).®

His writing interests include social sciences and their practical application to international development, financial investing, social safeguards, environmental sustainability, and initiatives to improve the living conditions of indigenous peoples, among others.

He is also interested in judo. He is a black belt judo practitioner, certified as a National Coach and as a judo referee. He is a life member of the United States Judo Federation and is affiliated with Shufu Yudanshakai, the black belt association of the Mid-Atlantic Region. His book on judo for beginners won Reader’s Favorite ® silver award in the Non-Fiction, Sports category.

Rodolfo is also licensed as a commercial pilot by the Federal Aviation Administration, with instrument and multi-engine ratings, and endorsements for complex and high performance aircraft. He also holds an advanced ground instructor certificate.

He is currently based in the Washington, DC metropolitan area.

For additional information, visit his website at, where he includes additional information about his books, interests, blog posts, etc.

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