Critical insights for informed decisions in areas where knowledge makes a big difference

Financial Investing

navigate financial crisis
Investing during a recession can be a profitable endeavor for those entering the stock market with a long time horizon and the right investment strategy
stock market worries
Understanding the role of emotions in the financial decisions of investors can go a long way in helping avoid mistakes in stock market transactions
stock market books
A selection of stock market books to help beginners define their investing strategies, manage their stock portfolios, and start growing their money

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)

Mining activity in Africa
The economic, social, and environmental impacts created by conflict minerals in the DRC illustrate the adverse impacts of corporate social irresponsibility
indigenous peoples
Social safeguards add layers of protection that could prevent dramatic adverse effects on the lives of dozens, hundreds or even thousands of families

Renewable Energy

houses with solar energy
Ten factors to consider when defining policy initiatives, strategic priorities, and resource allocations to encourage the adoption of renewable energy sources
energy taxes
Raising taxes on fossil fuels can be a proactive way to promote the use of renewable energy while increasing revenues for public investments