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“I am no artist so I cannot paint, but if I could, I would paint the world as seen from the back of a horse. Your vision is different from up there, the world is different. That is why I like to ride in the countryside so much; I want to see the world that way again and again.”

Luciano Bornholdt,  Bigger Than Life


Judo principles
Two key principles of judo are maximum efficiency with minimal effort (Seiryoku-Zenyo) and mutual benefit (Jita-Kyoei), which are used in combination with strategy, safety, and situational risk awareness Read More
judo techniques
Judo can instill values, build character, and develop social and problem-solving skills, allowing you to stay focused and achieve success in many areas, while keeping you in good shape Read More
judo throws
The key elements of a judo throw are getting a firm grip (Kumi Kata), getting your opponent off-balance (Kuzushi), getting into position (Tsukuri), and executing the throw (Kake) Read More

Social Sciences

indigenous household
A crucial challenge when defining the household is its multidimensionality, which in some cases warrants the need for different household typologies Read More
cattle ranching
As landholders and workers adapt to the evolving socioeconomic trends, the mix of cattle ranching and agriculture may hold the key to their survival Read More
indigenous peoples
Indigenous peoples like the Awajun are experiencing significant cultural change, which should be taken into account to understand their current culture, economy and society Read More

“The marked generational gap and changes in social roles experienced by the Awajún have been defining a pattern of cultural discontinuity, a break in the transmission of ancestral knowledge between the young and the elders, and the cultural practices associated with them that used to guide their subsistence activities, social interactions, and use of natural resources.”

Glend Seitz, Cultural Discontinuity


Amazon bird
Embedded in culture and tradition, hunting and gathering were very important in the subsistence of the Wachiperi, an indigenous group of the Peruvian rainforest Read More
Queros Wachiperi cultural tourism
Members of the Wachiperi community of Queros in Peru have been developing a community-based cultural tourism program. Learn more about this initiative Read More
indigenous peoples
We need to fully acknowledge the complex, multidimensional, and changing environmental behavior of indigenous peoples, which varies across settings Read More

International Development

foreign aid tap water
Foreign aid can enhance its effectiveness and achieve socioeconomic development by taking into account the views of developing countries in the process Read More
Mining activity in Africa
The economic, social, and environmental impacts created by conflict minerals in the DRC illustrate the adverse impacts of corporate social irresponsibility Read More
foreign aid Africa
Untying foreign aid can empower local partners in strategic ways, enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of international development programs Read More


Financial Investing


judo book award
“Judo: An Introductory Guide for Beginners” won Readers' Favorite® silver award (2016) in the Non-Fiction, Sports category. Add it to your book list Read More
ippon seoi nage
Judo beginners are set to have a great new resource in this forthcoming book covering the fundamental aspects of this fine sport and martial art Read More
social safeguards
Social safeguards book addressing the unintended social impacts of development projects and they ways to mitigate them Read More
indigenous peoples
New edition of a book on environmental conservation and social development among indigenous peoples in tropical forests Read More